U.S. Airstrikes Take Out Two Key ISIS Leaders, According To New Report

While the war on terror can appear to be on the quiet side at times, the fact remains that it’s an ongoing battle that will never completely go away. The horrific terror attack in Manchester serves as Exhibit A in that regard, as that scary incident came completely out of nowhere at a target that no one suspected was on the radar. That raised plenty of eyebrows in the aftermath, as well as plenty of questions as to how that could possibly happen without being detected.As the Daily Mail shares, that doesn’t mean that global intelligence departments are sitting around twiddling their thumbs while terrorists walk around and do whatever the heck they want. It’s quite the opposite actually, as there are intelligence specialists and soldiers that have dedicated their entire lives to eradicating terrorists from the face of the earth, or at least bringing them to justice so that they can’t harm anyone else with another random attack.

That doesn’t happen overnight, but you can rest assured that it’s being worked on each and every day. Each small semblance of progress doesn’t get trumpeted out in the headlines, but small battles continue to be won here and there. For example, just this week, two separate US-led airstrikes were able to target and kill two leaders of the terror group ISIS in Syria. That’s no small feat, as these leaders have eluded capture for some time, and the various terror networks are far more sophisticated than you may realize when it comes to flying under the radar.

In any event, Rayan Meshaal, ISIS’s propaganda chief, and Turki al-Binali, the so-called ‘Grand Mufti’ of ISIS that serves as the group’s lead ‘religious’ scholar were killed in the strikes. Meshaal was pinned down in the Deir Ezzor province, while al-Binali was targeted in Raqqa. Al-Binali is believed to be the mastermind behind some the group’s most influential quasi-religious propaganda, and some of the examples are truly disturbing.

For example, it’s believed that he headed ISIS’s Research and Fatwa Department which produce pamphlets arguing that it was legal to take captured Yazidi women as sex-slaves. While you can be sure someone else will slide into his role, it’s no small feat to erase him from the group’s power structure.

As for Meshaal, a social media post from one of his relatives after his passing provides some insight into the mind frame of terrorists.

“I’m pleased to announce the martyrdom of my older brother Baraa Kadek, known as Rayan Meshaal…in an air strike by the coalition,” his brother wrote in a post.

While these two men are just two small pieces of the overall puzzle that is ISIS, it’s nonetheless a feather in the cap of those that were able to track them down. These successful missions have hopefully led to further intelligence gathering, which can further bolster overall efforts in the war against terror.

Every small step takes the world that much closer to victory, even though the war itself can seem unwinnable at times.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline